One and All Games Ltd presents………………..

‘The Warrior League’ a same sex paired competition. The competition is inclusive for all levels and includes a separate Masters 35+ category.

The Warrior League holds a £1000 cash pot which is set on an accumulator meaning it will grow in £££ as we move closer to the qualifiers and as Warriors register for battle.

Warrior pairs will take on three online qualifiers throughout August with all scores to be submitted by 31st August deadline (Warriors have the month to complete and submit scores). Scores will be entered into the league table via wod cast with top athletes progressing through to our ultimate warrior finals day.

The top 50 male and top 50 female pairs as well as the top 25 male and top 25 female masters pairs will progress through to a finals day on the 30th September at Cornwalls Dragon leisure centre where warriors will be put through a gruelling test of fitness to see who will be crowned the ultimate warrior pairs.

Online qualifier cost is set at £10.50 per athlete.